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Anon Automate SDK

The Anon Automate SDK enables flexible browser automations on behalf of users across a range of integrations. Develop custom capabilities by leveraging the full suite of the most popular consumer web applications directly to help users make big decisions, discover new talents, or manage their online personas — even without an API! It's designed for use cases not fully supported by the Actions API, but both can be used simultaneously for advanced automations.

The Anon Automate SDK is available in the following languages:

Go Lang
Coming soon
Coming soon

After integrating the SDK with your backend service, you can perform actions for any user who has granted your web or mobile app access using the Link SDK.

For more details, visit our Getting Started guide.


Register webhooks for realtime events

Robust reliability with automatic retries and event persisting — never miss a message again!

Seamless web proxies

Networking remains close to your users around the world.

Sending push notifications for login requests

See how easy it is with the Link SDK.

Run web automation scripts


  • Playwright
  • Puppeteer (coming soon)

Using your own browser runtime (coming soon)


Initializing the SDK

Setting up your environment

A Sandbox environment is available for testing your automations before going live in production with real users.

Using environment variables

Browser runtimes