Once a user has connected their account to your application using Anon, you can begin automating actions on their behalf with the connected session.

Users must first connect their accounts to Anon for their user sessions to be saved.

Anon’s SDKs provide an easy way to retrieve a connected user session and execute custom automation scripts that interact with the session. Here are some examples of what you can automate:

  • Social Media: Post content, send messages, accept connection requests
  • E-commerce: Track orders, modify subscriptions, redeem offers
  • Travel: Check in to flights, manage reservations, view trip details
  • Food Delivery: Place orders, update delivery preferences, track deliveries

Key Features

  • Credential collection. Securely collect and validate user credentials, multi-factor authentication, proxying, and more using Anon’s Link SDK, available for iOS, or web / Chrome.
  • Headless browsers. Leverage Anon’s Typescript and Python SDKs to host your own Playwright sessions or with partners like Browserbase.
  • User access management. Easily manage user access, including push notifications to re-authenticate users and controls to revoke authentication.

Product Flow

Here’s an overview of how the user session product flow works:


User starts connecting their account

Window pops up prompting your user to install the Chrome extension.


User installs Chrome extension

Your user installs the Chrome extension and logins to the account that they want your app to perform actions on.


Anon saves the user session

Your user’s session can now be accessed via Anon.


Use the saved session to automate actions

Your app can now use this session via Anon to automate actions!

Execution Flow

Here’s an overview of how the user session execution flow works:


Retrieve the connected user session

Your backend server makes an API call to Anon to retrieve an authenticated session for the specified user and service.


Execute automation script

Your custom automation script is executed, allowing it to interact with the target website as the authenticated user.


Return the result

The Anon SDK captures the result of your automation script and returns it to your backend server for further processing.

Throughout the execution flow, Anon optimizes the session for performance and reliability. User sessions are intelligently routed through our global proxy network to avoid CAPTCHAs and rate limits. If a session expires or encounters issues, Anon will automatically attempt to refresh it or prompt your user to re-authenticate.

By leveraging Anon to manage the complex aspects of session handling and execution, you can build robust automations with minimal effort. Head over to our guide on running authenticated sessions to get started.

Next Steps