Anon gives you the flexibility to execute your automation scripts in various hosting environments, depending on your needs and existing infrastructure. Whether you want to run automations directly from your backend servers or deploy them to a serverless environment, Anon has you covered.

Here are the most common hosting options for running Anon automations:


The simplest way to get started with Anon is to run your automation scripts directly from your own backend servers or developer machines. This gives you complete control over the execution environment and allows you to easily integrate Anon into your existing applications.

For a basic example of running an automation script locally, see our example.

Host Playwright sessions with Browserbase

Browserbase can host Playwright sessions for you. Browserbase implements helpful features to unblock site traffic and make browser sessions more reliable for users leveraging Anon for authentication. Check out their docs here.

You can use Browserbase within Anon’s SDK as follows:

const { browserContext } = await setupAnonBrowserWithContext(
    type: "remote",
    input: `wss://${process.env.BROWSERBASE_API_KEY}`,