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Anon Documentation

Anon is the toolkit to build user-permissioned integrations and actions. We make it easy to authenticate and send messages 💬, book reservations 🎫, or take other actions ⚡ on behalf of your users, even when no APIs exist.

Anon is currently in private beta. If you are interested in joining as a development partner please register here and we will be in touch within 2 business days.

Guides and references


See how Anon streamlines integrating AI applications into the most popular sites on the internet.

Get started

Step-by-step instructions to get access to the beta, create your organization, and start building using Anon.

Active Integrations

See the 20+ applications and hundreds of actions currently supported by Anon. Request beta access to see the full list.

API Reference

The comprehensive list of API endpoints for setting up your accounts, connecting to services, and taking actions.


View the latest changes and version history. Stay updated with the recent enhancements and fixes to our platform.