Welcome to Anon

Anon is a toolkit that enables developers to build user-permissioned integrations for sites without APIs or automate end-user actions not supported by APIs.

We handle the secure credential collection and validation, multi-factor authentication, proxying, and everything else you need to authenticate on behalf of users and integrate supported services. We have SDKs for the web (Chrome) and iOS, with additional SDK support coming soon.

Integrate out-of-the-box actions, built by Anon

Anon offers out-of-the-box automations for popular actions across supported services via our Actions API, which enables developers to take actions on behalf of users without building custom actions via browser automation scripts.

The first Actions API we built is our Messaging API, which enables developers to programmatically send and receive messages on behalf of users across popular social messaging services.

  • We currently support Instagram.
  • Support for LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger coming soon!

To learn more about using the Actions API, please visit the Actions API documentation.

Build your own custom actions on supported services

Anon also supports the ability for developers to build automation scripts to take any action on behalf of users across a wide range of supported services using our Runtime SDK.

We currently support LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Instacart, Resy, Amazon, and more!

To learn more about building automations using the Anon Runtime, please visit the Runtime documentation.

Anon is currently in private beta. To get access to start building on our platform, click here.