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Anon Actions

The Anon Actions API lets you take robust actions on behalf of users across a range of integrations. You can perform actions like sending and receiving messages, ordering rides, booking flights, and making reservations across the most popular consumer apps.

The Anon Actions API is composed of a RESTful set of endpoints. Click here to dive right into sending messages, or get a broad overview with our Getting Started guide. You can also dig deeper into our full API Reference.


Register webhooks for realtime events​


Automatic retries and event persisting​


Structured APIs for everything​


Unified APIs for verticals like messaging​



Authentication is done using the Bearer token standard supplied with your API Keys. You’ll be able to perform actions for any users that have granted access to your web or mobile app using the Link SDK.

To create an API Key, head to the Anon Console and click Create API Key (coming soon). You can also create API Keys via our Platform API using your Admin Member credentials.