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Anon is a platform that lets developers authenticate and take actions on behalf of end-users across a wide range of integrations.

We offer three products for developers to use: Anon Automate, Anon Actions, and Anon Link.

The right product for your use case depends on a few things:

  • The platform you’re building your app on (Web, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • The integrations and actions you want to take on behalf of users (see all supported integrations).

Product Overview

Anon Actions is an API that lets developer take a specific action on a specific service, like sending a message on a social messaging platform. For this solution, Anon handles authentication via our Link SDK product and has pre-built automations such that developers interface with an API instead of writing their own automations. In terms of supported actions and integrations, this product is the best fit for most developers.

Anon Automate is an SDK that gives developers authenticated sessions on supported integrations. Our Link SDK delivers an authenticated browser session where developers can build web automations across a set of supported languages and frameworks. For instances where Anon supports integration with a website but doesn’t support a specific action, this is the best product for most developers.

Anon Link is an SDK utilized by both Anon Actions and Anon Automate. Anon Link’s end-user facing UI component is similar to an OAuth flow, and handles all interfacing with users necessary to guide them through authentication on supported services. This includes secure collection of account credentials, multi-factor authentication steps, CAPTCHA handling, and more. Anon Link is currently available as an SDK for iOS and Google Chrome, with more options coming soon.


To decide which products you need to use, check out our active integrations page and select the integrations and actions you want to support.