GET /account/api/v1/session/status


This API endpoint retrieves the status of a session associated with a specified account.

Request Parameters

Query Parameters

  • ownerId (string, required): The unique identifier of the account owner, usually the app_user_id.

  • domain (string, required): The app associated with the account, usually a string like "instagram", "amazon".

Request Headers

  • Content-Type: application/json

  • Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>


The response will be { "status": SessionStatusEnum } where SessionStatusEnum is one of:

•    "active": Session is valid and ready for automation.
•    "revoked": Session is invalid and the user needs to log in again.
•    "unknown": Unable to determine the session status.

Handling “unknown” Status

For newly connected users, the endpoint may initially return "unknown" even when the session is active.

Recommended approach:

  • Retry the request up to three times with a short delay between attempts.
  • If the status remains "unknown", prompt the user to reconnect.

Success (200 OK)

Returns the status of the session.

Example response:

  "status": "active" | "revoked" | "unknown"

Error (404 Not Found)

Returned if the session does not exist.

Example response:

  "error": "Session not found"

Error (403 Forbidden)

Returned if the client does not have the necessary permissions to access the session status.

Example response:

  "error": "Forbidden: Access to the requested resource is denied."