Investor Update #5 - August 2023

Investor Update #5 - August 2023

Firstly, a few quick clerical things:

  • 🔐 Please keep this update “within the family”. Don’t share with others.
  • 🤝  We use Cabal for managing investor/advisor intros. If you haven’t shared your LinkedIn connections, I’m going hunt you down and make you do it next week. 🔫

Anon friends, investors, and co-conspirators —

Welcome to the 5th iteration of the monthly investor update!

📈 Key Metrics

  • ARR = $102,000 (+$102,000 since last month)
    • Signed customers: 2
    • Avg. ARR/customer: $51,000
  • Runway = 21 months (-1 since last month)
  • Team size = 5 FTEs (+1 & -1 FTEs since last month, so net +/-0.)
    • 2 offers outstanding which would increase to 7 FTEs.
We talk about partnerships and signed contracts in this update, but don’t mention partner names just yet. Be patient, we’ll announce these in September.

👍 Highlights

  • We signed >$100k in ARR in the last 7 days. We have had significant demand from AI companies validating our thesis that user-permissioned interoperability will be critical infrastructure.
  • The site is live. We launched our first real website ( a few weeks ago and have had ≥1.5k visitors since launch. Developer docs are by invite only but also live.
  • Customers love the product demos. Kudos to Kai and Julian for getting the product ready for 2 live demos which have sealed our initial contracts.

👎 Lowlights

  • Growing the engineering team has been hard, as we parted ways with our Founding Engineer hire from the last update.
  • We’ve had to hustle. The aforementioned loss hit our engineering bandwidth at a bad time, so we’ve been working very crazy hours to build for all these new partners.

🎯 Asks

  • We need mid/senior backend engineers. We especially love ex-founder/CTOs or founding engineers at startups running low on 💰. Send any candidates to our new careers page, or introduce us directly for a conversation! LA is preferred, but remote is okay.
  • Beta partner introductions. We can’t support any new partners on a September/October timeframe, but would love to meet partners for integration in November/December.
    • Intro us to 🤖 AI agent companies building agents that “take actions” as users and interact with other services (e.g. booking travel, sourcing leads, sending messages, etc.).
      • Cabal intro link here.
    • Intro us to 👤 personalized AI companies that are trained on external data to act like a specific person (could be “you”, creators/influencers, experts, celebrities, etc.).
      • Cabal intro link here.
    • Intro us to 🧑‍💻 VA/EA services, BPOs, labor marketplaces or really any service where a human (usually offshore/remote) needs your account credentials to do things as you.
      • Cabal intro link here.

⭐ Shoutouts

  • Shoutout to Jordi Hays for the introduction that led to our first booked ARR, and congratulations on the acquisition announcement for Capital!
  • Shoutout to Winnie at BTVC and to Raullen Chai for both making an intro to the same person the same day (lol) that also resulted in booked ARR for Anon!
  • Shoutout to Jonathan Awad for being an introduction machine and for co-hosting an incredible happy hour during a quick trip to NYC.
  • Shoutout to Thomas Klocanas from BTVC for becoming a Dad in August! ❤️🍼

⚒️ Product

  • Technically, we are pre-product, but have hit some major milestones recently:
    • Developer docs are live! Link here, but permission is required.
    • Two partner demos successfully completed, resulting in signed contracts.
    • Mockups for a future UI are near-complete, but we’re launching SDK-only.
    • Anon SDK V1.0 (the first live externally-usable version of the product) should be live mid-September for our first partner to begin integrating.
  • Crude product demo below for anyone interested (don’t share).
This video shows the ability for an application to use Anon’s iOS SDK to send a push notification to a user, prompting them to login to LinkedIn, then shows us authenticating the user, and replicating that session in a separate Chrome browser runtime. It’s looks basic, but it’s the tech at the root of the product we’re wrapping with really clean developer tooling which unlocks a ton of value for companies building integrations.

👨‍👨‍👧 Team

  • The full-time team is just 4 right now — Daniel, Peter, Kai, Julian.
  • We have 3 more hires that have either accepted or tentatively accepted offers. We will share full bios when they formally onboard next month:
    • Mid-level Backend Engineer (interned for me in the past; Harvard CS / Amazon)
    • Senior Backend/Fullstack Engineer (Kai’s former coworker and classmate at MIT)
    • Lead Product Designer (built our site, early mockups as a rockstar contractor)
  • We will be 7 FTEs post-onboarding. We are likely hiring 1-2 more engineers.

🚀 Sales Pipeline

SDK Pipeline: All our early customers are integrating with Anon’s SDK product. This product is perfect for highly-technical teams like AI startups.
  • 💰 Closed/Won (SDK) 2 ($102 ARR)
  • 🖊️ In Contracting (SDK): 1 ($60k in ARR)
  • 🏗️ Pipeline (SDK): 55
Full App Pipeline: In the future, we will also launch a standalone application that lets non-technical teams use Anon’s functionality (think 1Password, but built for identity sharing). This is on the 2024 roadmap, but we are building a waitlist now.
  •  Signed waitlist agreement: 3
  • 📝 Waitlist agreement pipeline: 41

🚀 Brand / Marketing

  • We launched! We would love any feedback you have on messaging clarity as we strive to make a complicated, technical product digestible to a broader audience.
  • We plan to formally change our LinkedIn profiles to Anon (coming out of stealth!) in the next 1-2 weeks. We will share a post then that we would love for each of you to re-share on LinkedIn and/or Twitter (the only places we will have a presence, for now).