Delphi // Anon — Partnership Proposal Outline (8/23/23)

Delphi // Anon — Partnership Proposal Outline (8/23/23)


  • We are excited to be exploring a partnership/exclusivity agreement between Delphi and Anon, focused on enabling Delphi to be the first creator-focused digital twin platform with messaging autoresponder functionality.
  • This can be valuable for Delphi because:
    • Product differentiation: Delphi becomes the only creator-focused digital clone platform that is interoperable with major messaging platforms, resulting in higher engagement, better UX for fans, and a key value prop for landing the best creators.
    • Speed to market: Delphi get a consistent, reliable integration experience without having to allocate hundreds of up-front and ongoing engineering hours.
  • This can be valuable for Anon because:
    • Product feedback: Anon gets utilization and valuable feedback from an early partner that is technically-capable and moving quickly.
    • Revenue: Anon gets guaranteed ARR for a fixed period of time.

Product Scope

  • Anon delivers a client SDK (Google Chrome) that enables Delphi creators to authenticate and connect various messaging platforms to Delphi via Anon.
  • The messaging platforms Anon plans to support:
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger (helpful?), and TikTok (pending review).
  • Once authenticated, Anon will deliver authenticated user sessions to Delphi which can then be configured to send and receive messages via the messaging platforms on behalf of its creators.
Integrations: As I mentioned yesterday, we have verified our LinkedIn integration and are most of the way with Twitter. Instagram, FB Messenger, and TikTok are high in the priority queue but have not been verified. We will let you know as soon as we have confirmation on these.
Messaging automation: Typically, Anon delivers authenticated sessions to developers, not the browser automation to take actions (in this case, sending a message). In this instance, we think the work is relatively simple and are open to building the end-to-end integration. We also understand you may want to build/own this part of the stack. This is a relatively small point, but it’s the only outstanding question I could think of so wanted to highlight here.

Proposed Terms


  • Anon proposes a 6-month partnership agreement (first 3 months exclusive) for $6,500/month with a usage limit of 100,000 monthly users.

Exclusivity Terms

  • Anon agrees not to sign any agreements or implement our product in production for 3 months with a set list of parties deemed competitive by Delphi.
  • Additionally, if Delphi (or Anon) isn’t happy with the arrangement, the contract can be ended on 60 days notice in writing.

Pricing Terms

  • Term of agreement: 6 months
  • Integration and testing period (~1 month): $0 cost
  • Production deployment (~5 months): $6,500/month baseline price + variable pricing
    • The baseline price covers up to 100,000 monthly users and unlimited monthly messages.
      • For example: if Delphi onboards 400 creators, who each have 200 fans/month message them, that would be 80,000 monthly users (under the baseline price).
    • Above the baseline price, Anon will charge $0.050/monthly user. (e.g. if creators onboard another 50,000 monthly users, Delphi would pay Anon an additional $2,500).
Baseline + variable pricing: We tried to set a high monthly usage threshold for baseline pricing. We did need to add variable pricing, though, to account for Anon’s infrastructure costs if Delphi is wildly successful and onboards a ton of users in a short period of time.
User counts: In v1, Anon only sees creator usage via our API, not end-user usage via messaging platforms. This will be an “honor system” pricing model where Delphi will report utilization to use for pricing purposes.
Pricing considerations: Pricing takes into account the opportunity cost of the exclusivity clause and the allocation of significant engineering and support resources to be dedicated to Delphi’s use case.