Anon Engineering Hiring Process

Anon Engineering Hiring Process

Anon Engineering Hiring Process

  • Welcome to Anon's engineering hiring process! This guide serves a two-fold purpose:
    1. Provide information about Anon, our team, and our product.
    2. Transparently outline our hiring process so you know what to expect.

What is Anon?

  • Anon is a developer-focused enterprise SaaS startup. (See more at
  • Our founders are serial entrepreneurs that have collectively raised >$100mm for prior startups in the identity, security, and AI spaces.
  • We have 5 full-time team members and the team is growing rapidly. We prefer either hiring those in Los Angeles, or remote workers willing to travel and spend some time with us IRL.
  • We are venture backed, have meaningful revenue, and are planning to raise an additional significant round of venture capital soon. Now is an incredible time to join the Anon family.

Additional Resources

  • For a more comprehensive overview of our company, its culture, and open positions, kindly visit our website or our careers page.
  • Should you have any questions at any point, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Hiring Process Overview

Our hiring process is designed to be thorough yet respectful of your time. Here's a breakdown of the stages you'll experience:

1. Intro to Anon with one of our co-founders (30 min call):

  • A chance to understand our company, team, and vision.
  • Share about your background and what you’re looking for in a next role.

2. Culture fit review (10-15 min exercise):

  • We care deeply about the kind of people we work alongside (check out our careers page)
  • We send you a questionnaire from Searchlight to learn more about what drives you.

3. Dive into your background and the role (30 min call or meeting)

  • A follow-up to discuss your answers and delve deeper into your professional background.
  • A time to clarify your expected role and compensation.
  • This meeting can be remote, or in-person if you’re in LA.

4. Initial technical screen (30 min call):

  • A brief session (~30 min) with our co-founder/CTO to gauge your technical background.
  • It's designed to ensure mutual compatibility before progressing further.

5. Final coding challenge and CTO Interview (2 hour exercise):

  • A pair programming exercise (~2 hours) with our co-founder/CTO.
  • Designed to test critical thinking, communication, architecture, and code writing abilities.
  • Prior notice will be given, allowing ample time for preparation, and can be IRL or remote.

6. The offer (🎉):

  • At this point, we know enough to make an offer, contingent on a reference check.
  • Offers are usually provided over a video call, followed by detailed documentation.

7. Reference checks:

  • We utilize Searchlight for a comprehensive reference process.
  • Multiple reference types (e.g., manager, peer, subordinate) are typically requested to get a rounded understanding of you as a colleague.

We deeply appreciate your interest in Anon and respect the time and effort you invest in this process. We're excited to get to know you better and explore the potential of having you on our team! Should you have any questions or need clarification at any point, please don't hesitate to contact us at